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Collaboration and Canvas – Twitter hashtags - Continuing with the series, Collaboration and Canvas, here we’re looking at Twitter hashtags. To display a hashtag Twitter stream in Canvas, you’ll need to install the Twitter application into your Canvas course so that it is available in the content editing toolbar. Once that’s installed, you can add the Twitter stream to any content area: a page, an announcement, an ... Read More
Collaboration and Canvas – (Blackboard Collaborate: Ultra Experience) - Here we are looking at Collaborate Ultra – a web conferencing system for live online meetings, presentations, or just making a recording such as a screen recorded demonstration like this. First up you access Collaborate Ultra via a RMIT Canvas course menu. If you don’t see it there, check the Settings menu item, then click the Navigation tab, and see ... Read More
Collaboration and Canvas (Editing Wikipedia in Canvas) - In this episode of the Canvas Collaboration series, we’re looking at a simple activity that asks students to edit a Wikipedia article as a collaborative exercise, and bringing that activity inside Canvas. To quote the Wikipedia in Education program: “…Perhaps you want to be on the cutting edge of using technology in the classroom, or maybe you’re interested in improving ... Read More
Collaboration and Canvas (Google Drive, Youtube Live, Canvas Events) -   In this playlist of 4 videos is a demonstration of how to use Google Drawings or Slides as an interactive whiteboard; Youtube Live and Hangouts on Air for video conferencing; and embedding it all to create a live online collaborative workspace in Canvas. Set up a folder for the collaborative activity and create Google Drawing and Slide files to ... Read More
Tito Ambyo – Fact Checking Your Mother - Tito Ambyo teaches Journalism Technologies for the Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) program at RMIT University, and in this recording he explains the second project in the course, Fact Check Your Mother. In the project people are required to produce a multi media web page, telling a story from their family history (this year on the topic of migration), demonstrating fact checking skills, ... Read More
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City at night panorama Collaborative Submissions to the Digital Economy Strategy - The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science are calling for submissions to help form a Digital Economy Strategy in 2018. Perhaps this is an opportunity for your students, or research team to bring their ideas together and collaboratively prepare a submission. Submissions are due on 30 November 2017. A consultation paper has been published, containing 5 main sections: The ... Read More
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Dr Scott Mayson, lecturer in Industrial Design Early Adopter Interview: Scott Mayson - Dr Scott Mayson teaches in Industrial Design in the Schoool of Architecture & Design, and he is one of four academics from the School who are teaching in Canvas in Semester 2. He shared some of his experiences with Canvas and suggestions for people starting out. Q: What have been the best aspects of teaching in Canvas? Previously, I was ... Read More
Improving Youtube recommendations - When we create a new Youtube channel, the first thing we notice is that the recommended videos at the Youtube home are far from useful or remotely topical. This is because Youtube doesn’t yet know what our channel is about or what we’re interested in. We can quickly improve what’s there by taking a few minutes to delete the recommendations ... Read More