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Working with Prerequisites and Requirements in Canvas Modules – Social Work Field Education Preparation - With the implementation of Canvas across the University, program teams in DSC have been exploring and experimenting with the modules function to better design and deliver important content to students. More specifically, the use of “prerequisites” and “requirements” in modules to manage the adaptive release of content.  Three programs in Social Work, the Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work ... Read More
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Multi camera live streaming conference through Hangouts and Youtube Live - We supported the School of Fashion and Textiles this week, at their annual Global Design Challenge where groups of Melbourne students collaborate with groups of Amsterdam students, in an exciting 5 hour design challenge intensive. It was really impressive to see how seamlessly the groups were able to collaborate online. Not only were they negotiating design decisions, but they were ... Read More
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A line drawing of an apple tree, is several different framed compositions on the one page Open Educational Resources and Practices - Featured image: Theory and practice of teaching art by Arthur Dow 1857-1922 Open Educational Resources (OER) and Practices (OEP) are one of the specialities within the College of Design and Social Context’s Digital Learning team. We have a combined 50 years experience in the field. This post is prepared primarily for the RMIT Library, who in recent meetings have expressed interest ... Read More