How do I submit an assignment to Turnitin on a student’s behalf?

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To resubmit an assignment on behalf of a student:

NOTE: assignment settings must allow re-submissions (Check originality report generation and allow late submission settings) see Resubmitting of Behalf of a Student.

  1. In the Assignments section, click on the assignment title link
    (Note need at least one submission to see the Assignment inbox list)
  2. In the options column click on the options menu ‘…’ and select ‘Upload’
  3. Confirm re-submission
  4. Enter title and select file to upload
  5. Click Accept Submission & Save

To submit an assignment (with no previous submission):

Using Turnitin with Canvas you must log in to the Turnitin interface to submit on behalf of a student. Here’s how.

  1. Log in to Turnitin
    • go to:
    • enter your email address then click the link ‘Click here’ for ‘Forgot you password’
    • when you receive an email follow the instructions to reset your password, and login
  2. Click on the the name of your course
  3. Under Actions for your assignment, click on view to view all assignments submitted
  4. Click on Submit File
  5. Select the student you are submitting on behalf of, details and select the file to upload
  6. Select Upload to load the paper