When using Google+ Communities, setup as Not Restricted Public or Private

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  If you’ve been using Google+ Communities in your work with RMIT, chances are you’ve hit a wall if you’ve tried to: Invite outsiders to contribute (guest presenters, industry reps, or collaborators from partner institutions, etc), Create an Event that uses Hangouts on Air (video streaming or recorded meetings). Join a G+Page to that Community These three things (possibly more) aren’t possible … Read More

To OER or not to OER. Is that the question?

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Choice Paralysis by Lauren Macdonald

From the 2015 international Horizon Report that is now available, Open Educational Resources  (OER) has hit the “Key Trends Accelerating Technology Adoption in Higher Education” list under the mid-term trends that has a three to five year adoption rate category. The fact that OERs are on the list is a big step in (what I consider) the right direction. For … Read More


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The year is 2020. The third global crash of 2017 has really shattered the Australian economy. This day, I walked into what used to be one of many ‘big box’ retail outlets strung out along Canterbury Road in Bayswater’s industrial precinct. I think this one used to be a Bunnings. I had an idea for a bag, and needed the … Read More

Browse. Search. Explore. Connect.

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Photo Credit Bill Bartee @ flickr.com There is a difference between a browser and a search engine. Browsers access information on the Internet, whereas a search engine points you in the right direction of a website that relates to the word you typed in.   Whether you call them “browsers” or”search engines”, it’s important to understand that RMIT has recommended tools when … Read More

Drivesite – creating an embeddable website in Google Drive

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Here’s a Youtube playlist on how to create a website using Google Drive, from total beginner, through to most advanced. The Drivesite concept If you’re working in a team with varying abilities all collaborating on producing content, and/or if that content needs to feature on more than one site and you’d like to cut down on the time it takes … Read More

Extracurricular activity

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The Extracurricular Activity G+ Community

The Discipline-Related Extracurricular Activity research project is the 2015 Teaching Fellowship in the College of Design and Social Context, RMIT. Noel Maloney is the research fellow for this project, coming from the College of Media and Communications where he teaches screen writing. Noel is working with teachers and academics across the college, the project will explore how extracurricular activity can enhance student … Read More