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What is a Canvas Announcement?

A Canvas announcement is a function that allows instructors to communicate with students at a course or group level, to notify them of new content, approaching deadlines and other important course information. Canvas announcements also offer the functionality of student reply to course posts, as well as post and reply to their group posts.


  • Post to course announcements or group announcements
  • Add RSS feeds from your favourite sites.
  • Set notification to receive posts via email, text message or Canvas App.
  • Access announcements via the Global Activity Stream from your dashboard
  • Responded to announcements in a threaded discussion.

It is similar to a Blackboard announcement in that:
  • You can add links to course content, images, files etc via an announcement.
  • Announcements will notify students in some manner. In Blackboard it was via email.

However it differs in that:

  • Canvas allows bulk delete of old posts by instructors.
  • Announcements are a type of forum in Canvas and if student reply is enabled, the announcement forum will add student replies as discussion threads.
  • Announcements can be used by students in their groups.
  • Notification of announcements can be set up by the user and can be received by text message, email or other web services.
more about Canvas Announcements [Canvas community documentation]

Good practice examples

If you have any examples of good practice, let us know and we’ll share them here!


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