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Samuel Buemi states, “Somewhere along the line, our excitement over the latest technological tools has started focusing on the wrong thing.” The excitement ought to reside in the praxis of teaching, not the use of technology. I see many of us at a crossroads of sorts.”

It is possible that higher education institutions are focusing on technology and not on the needs of their students and academics. Samuel Buemi from “Faculty Focus”  talks about “Taking the tech out of technology“. The article highlights how the focus on ed tech can lose site of the focus on student and academic needs.

That crossroads that Samual Buemi writes of is interesting. Does this mean that the quest to integrate ed tech overrides the needs of students and academics? Sadly, sometimes the answer is yes.

Samuel Buemi and colleagues conducted a survey of staff and students on what they wanted, the results; “Technology is great, but it is only a means to an end–it is not the end!” The survey’s the theme highlighted the need that students and instructors want contact. They wanted  face-to-face interaction.

Sometimes we lose our way churning out the latest and greatest ed tech tools. Its time to go back to the basics. Get the design right, the fundamentals right, and then add supportive and enhancing ed tech tools.

Samuel Buemi’s article is freely available.

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