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An enrollment system has been implemented by California State University, East Bay Continuing Education (CSUEB) that was built with a human-centered design approach. An article from eCampus News highlights the impact that the changes have made.

The new system, built-in conjunction with Story+Structure a company located in Boston whose focus is on a human-centered design approach to connecting services and people together, has successfully partnered to produce an enrolment system that provides the user (i.e. the student) with a more human-centric experience to enrolment.

According to Dan Bellone, marketing director for CSUEB’s University Extension, “There’s a lot of competition our there. If you’re not customer-centered and not serving the needs of your prospective audience, you’re in trouble.” And trouble in the school’s registration system was the spark for change. From an outdated payment methods to curmudgeonly enrolment options, the change has been dramatic and worthwhile.

The student-centred approach to designing the user experience has been positive. According to Bellone, “From day one, the number of info requests has gone up drastically. We went from getting six or eight a day to 60, and that’s been consistent since we launched.”

Cokdee Rutirasiri, founder and CEO of Story+Structure said “Our goal is no less than using human-centered design to revolutionize the student experience.” Asking current, past and prospective students; asking academics and teachers at CSUEB helped to create the picture of the needs of the users.

It’s likely that a student’s first interaction with a university is with the university’s website. If that’s the first interaction then I think CSUEB has got it right.

Take a look at their site, and experience it for yourself.

Image Source: ‘Human Shapes from orange outer peel #2‘ by Kumar’s Edit, Flickr CC BY 2.0

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