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Interview with Juan Sanin - One of the great things about Canvas is that it’s open software. Anyone can create their own instance for free. When it became clear last year that RMIT would be getting Canvas there were a number of staff who started their own instance to learn the functionality and give it a try. One of these was Juan Sanin from Industrial ... Read More
#thingsIlikeaboutcanvas #1 Redirect tool and LTIs - Canvas works in a relatively open way, much more so than most LMSs. In some way it works as a lens to the web where your content can be made available, rather than trying to be a large unwieldy shell that tries to do everything, such as Blackboard and Moodle. For example Canvas doesn’t have blogging or wiki tools. This ... Read More
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DSC Canvas Early Adopters - This year RMIT’s Learning Management System will begin a transition from Blackboard into Canvas. Those of you who attended the Project Rewire launches would have heard Martin Bean and Belinda Tynan talking about the impact that Canvas could have on Learning and Teaching at RMIT University.  For any organisation, transitioning into a completely new system is a major undertaking, one that ... Read More
Symposium On Stylus Enabled And Cloud Technology - If you are interesting in learning more about using pen-enabled devices and cloud technologies to drive student engagement and improve learning outcome, signup and join RMIT University and Microsoft Australia for the symposium on “Stylus enabled cloud-based learning and teaching in STEM”. The symposium will cover: Research into technology’s impact on teaching and learning Best practices from other Tertiary Educators ... Read More