Makerspaces and 3d printing: a learning excursion

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Recently the ABC’s Four Corners aired a program (Future Proof) which ponders the question of how best to prepare the coming generations for jobs that don’t yet exist in a future we can’t yet imagine. Featured on the program was the Australian Science and Mathematics School where the students are learning in a very different way to what most would recognise as a … Read More

Joggobot: A companion for physical activity

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At RMIT there is a group of researchers investigating how and if a robot can be a companion when we exercise or jog. Called the Joggobot, the robot is able to track the position of the jogger via a camera and detection software. The Joggobot hovers beside and above the jogger and reacts to a myriad of elements, just as the … Read More

Are we at a crossroads yet?

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  Kevin Carey’s book “The End of College” published in 2015, provides readers with insights on the possible future of universities. Interviewed by U.S. News (read the interview in its entirety here),  Carey’s thoughts on the future of education, what’s wrong with education today, and how should parents and students look for educational opportunities in the future makes for an interesting … Read More