The New Google Sites

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The new Google sites is available both on RMIT and private accounts. They are not replacing the classic sites – see the section on Migration below. There are a number of new features of this long overdue refresh providing a new ease and speed in creating content that also removes several complications. Due to the ease and speed with which …

Making Groups

Create and Load Groups into Blackboard

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Do you have separate cohorts of students in your course or program that require separate communication, management or access needs? Student groups such as: If so, you can use groups to:   In this guide we will show you how to create and load groups into Blackboard using an Excel file ‘BB Group Maker‘ and a student list exported from …

From left: Leigh Blackall, Alex Lum, Cathy Leahy, Zainaindira Nehme and Jane McGlashan

The hackathon: Commons to Wikidata to Open Street Maps

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We held a hackathon at the Learning and Teaching Conference this year, here’s what we made: A map of public art within 500m of the RMIT Campus After photographing instances of public art around the RMIT Melbourne City campus, uploading them to Wikimedia Commons and creating entries for each instance of public art on Wikidata, we then used Query to …

Screengrab of a Timeline JS example

Plotting project logs in a timeline

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Bridget Keane in Architecture first introduced me to JS Timeline in 2015. Bridget uses it with her students to log and visualise progress on projects in a timeline view. We at Digital Learning DSC have been trialing a wide range of project logging and management methods, including a physical standup wall, a digital wall on Trello, Google Drive folders and …

Artistic thinking

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A few months ago I attended a new media arts forum at RMIT. This triggered me to explore art thinking as a framework for educational development. Last week I flew up to Brisbane to meet the Ars Electronica people who are partnering with Queensland University of Technology on a range of projects. I met Gerfried Stocker, the Artistic Director to …

Screen grab of the Wikidata website

How did Andy Mabbett’s presentation on Wikidata go?

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Andy Mabbett gave a presentation on Wikidata last week. 26 people attended, representing a range of organisations and interest areas. Wikimedia Australia sponsored the event with $200 toward catering. Given Andy’s current interest in Public Art, we have been trying to raise the interest of staff at the Public Art program, as well as in Architecture – given their 2015 project to engage Wikipedia and author pages about …

“How Not to Be Seen: A F**king Didactic Educational .MOV File”

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This opinion piece was originally published on Leigh Blackall’s blog, as both notes from a conference in DSC and an opinion to offer and connect with people in the School of Art. It does not necessarily represent the views of Digital Learning or the College of Design and Social Context.

Google+ Communities for augmented classrooms

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Google+ Community can be used to develop augmented learning, extending learning beyond the classroom.