When using Google+ Communities, setup as Not Restricted Public or Private

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If you’ve been using Google+ Communities in your work with RMIT, chances are you’ve hit a wall if you’ve tried to:

  1. Invite outsiders to contribute (guest presenters, industry reps, or collaborators from partner institutions, etc),
  2. Create an Event that uses Hangouts on Air (video streaming or recorded meetings).
  3. Join a G+Page to that Community

These three things (possibly more) aren’t possible if you’ve setup a community using the RMIT domain’s default settings (restricted). It is presently not possible to change these settings after the community has been created.

If you think there is even a remote possibility that you or your community members will want to do these things, you should set up your RMIT community to be “Not Restricted” and “Public” or “Private”.

These settings will enable you to invite outside G+ accounts and Pages to join. This includes your own outside G+ account or Page, which has more features enabled than your RMIT account. One of those features is a Youtube channel, which is required for creating a Hangout on Air event.

How to

1. In Google+, hover over the “Home” button to reveal the Google+ features and click the “Communities” button


2. Click the “Create Community” button


3. In the window that appears, click the “change” link


4. Select the “Not Restricted” box and click next


5. Select the Public or Private box then click “Create Community”


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